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Princesses at heart.

We are all princesses.

We are all princesses!
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*a community*

Created and monitored by Ariel/Kristina/lovefromtina(previously ilove2h8)

Layout by Pocahontas/Laurel/laurelgallegos (previously mooeyluver)

About the community:

o. Basically this is just a community made by Hating Isosceles, in honor of Disney Princesses. Once admitted to the community, you can post whatever you please, as long as it is acceptable according to the rules. First, you have to ask to be added.
o. You can post pictures, songs, ideas, poems, quotes...anything.

To join:

1. Choose a princess not yet taken
2. Comment on first friends only entry asking to be added (ASK TO BE ADDED). Or..contact lovefromtina by email, MSN (kheerkitten@hotmail.com) or AIM (kheerkitten).
3. Tell us a little about why you want to be that princess you chose.
4. Give us a little information about yourself.
5. Wait for our reply.

The rules:

1. Be courteous at all times.
2. Keep all past conflicts OUT of community.
3. Do not make fun of others.
4. No vulgarity.
5. Pictures need to remain under LJ-CUT.
6. All entries have to be friends only, or will be deleted.
7. "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."
8. We choose who gets added.
9. We choose who gets posting access.
10. We can remove anyone if they are abusing the rules.
11. Be sure to have fun.
12. Enjoy yourself.

The princesses:(some aren't going to necessarily be princesses, because that's too few)

M-Adella-(daughter of triton) [the little mermaid]
H-Alice- [Alice in Wonderland]
M-Allana-(daughter of triton) [the little mermaid] (TAKEN: Pamela/all_honey_24)
M-Andrina-(daughter of triton) [the little mermaid]
M-Aquata-(daughter of triton) [the little mermaid]
M-Ariel- [the little mermaid] (TAKEN: Kristina/lovefromtina)
M-Arista-(daughter of triton) [the little mermaid] (TAKEN: Nikki/bluefa1ry)
M-Atina-(daughter of triton) [the little mermaid]
B-Atta- [a bugs life]
H-Aurora- [sleeping beauty] (TAKEN: Eylyana/eylyanamynameis)
H-Belle- [beauty & the beast] (TAKEN: Calli/bella_dawl)
H-Cinderella- [cinderella] (TAKEN: Jennifer/darkestangel22)
B-Dot- [a bugs life]
H-Eilonwy- [the black cauldron] (TAKEN: Emily/emilygurl)
H-Esmeralda- [hunchback of notre dame]
A-Faline- [bambi]
H/G-Helen- [hercules]
H-Jane- (queen of the jungle) [tarzan] (TAKEN: Krystal/chocolatepoison)
H-Jasmine- [aladdin] (TAKEN: Erika/erikaferika)
A-Kiara- [the lion king 2]
H-Kida (also known as Kidagakash) [Atlantis] (TAKEN: Heather/nurufirestar)
H-Mariam- [robin hood]
H/M-Melody- [the little mermaid II] (Ariel & Eric's daughter)
H-Megara- [hercules] (TAKEN: Jehn/jehnnybgoode)
H-Mulan- [mulan] (TAKEN: Taylor/angel_chick222)
A-Nala- [lion king]
H-Pocahontas- [pocahontas] (TAKEN: Laurel/mooeyluver)
H-Snow White- [snow white] (TAKEN: Jackie/tourmaline142)
H-Tiger-lily- [peter pan]
H/F-Tinkerbell- [peter pan] (TAKEN: Tasha/singlikeyoucare)


Our princes are SEXAAY.